Where Safety is More Than #’s: Zachry Group



We had two important goals in this work: protecting life and limb by inspiring behavior that prevents accidents and puts safety above all else; and capturing the authentic respect the Division President had for
his employees and their craft.


A decision was made to honor every single employee. We harnessed the power of art and poetry to tell a story of grit, ownership, and teamwork, painting a vivid picture of the real work done by real people. We elevated the work of craftsmen.


We designed a custom medallion with a story unique to Zachry. This “Heart of Zachry” was given not just to one, but to all – symbolizing that each person has an important role to play and our success lies not with one, but many.

Visible Applause successfully captured the spirit of safety excellence with one-of-a-kind physical symbols that caused individuals to aspire to work safely for years.



Leadership knew their employees deserved much more than an inscribed off-the-shelf award, so we discarded the pedestrian paradigm of trinkets for safety compliance. We believed, along with our client safety council, that safety is about preserving life. Out of these discussions emerged the heart icon as the focal point of our concept.

Design Meaning

We developed detailed sketches that brought the concept to life, placing the heart in the palm of welder’s glove. This lasting visual gives each employee ownership, showing that the responsibility for safety is in the hands of every craft employee – and that they are the heartbeat of the company.


This copyrighted design, along with the Heart of Zachry theme, is the reason Zachry is the industry standard – a role model. Over the years, and on more than one occasion, we have had requests from the field for aid in replacing missing medallions from projects completed years earlier. Inherent in these requests are the fact that these medallions pack a lot of meaning: they are a symbol belonging, they provide recognition and ownership, and visually signal pride in a job well done.