We Believe

every company should anchor what they stand for.

Celebrating Your Company’s Heartbeat

We understand the challenge you face in expressing genuine appreciation for your team’s dedication and hard work. At Visible Applause, we believe that every act of recognition should reflect the pulse of your company’s legacy, creating lasting symbols that strengthen your culture.

Meet Tom Ferguson: Crafting Recognition Beyond the Ordinary

Tom Ferguson, the visionary behind Visible Applause, has dedicated nearly 30 years to transforming the ways companies honor their employees. Through his numerous publications and articles, Tom has shared his passion for fostering a culture of appreciation that goes beyond expectations.

Our mission is to create:

Genuine Appreciation

We delve deep into understanding your company’s core values during our consultation.

Lasting Symbols

We craft bespoke emblems that reflect these values, making your ‘thank you’ as meaningful as the contributions it honors.

Strengthened Culture

The celebration of these awards fosters a sense of loyalty and community, resonating deeply within your organization.

What We Believe

We understand

the stakes are high.

We agree

hard work is more than metrics.

We believe

people matter most.

We commit to

being a partner, not a vendor.

We champion

higher purpose.

We think success is

equal parts heart and head.

Building a culture of appreciation doesn’t just happen automatically, or because you made a great hire.

Nine times out of ten you’ve already done the latter. And the former?

Mountains don’t move themselves.

It requires vision, attention, and the right tools to get the job done. That’s where we come in.

What we’ve learned over several decades is that truly building a culture of appreciation has to happen intentionally, by connecting what works with what matters – your people. By visibly applauding their hard work, you give them the pride and ownership to do it all over again tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that.


We know it’s not magic. It’s hard work.

Tom invites you to begin this transformative journey with a complimentary design consultation. 

Let’s create an environment where every ‘thank you’ is a testament to individual dedication and collective success, instilling a stronger, more dedicated workforce. Are you ready to celebrate the heart of your company with Visible Applause?