The Frontier of Exploration: Geokinetics Inc.



On the surface or from a boardroom, Geokinetics’ business is seismic data acquisition. However, if you take a closer look under the hood, their work entails laying wireline – and usually in remote, harsh environments. This presented an enormous opportunity: to reinforce QHSE in the field.


Twin elements surfaced in discovery: how can we portray the Geokinetics standards of quality and safety, but accurately depict the harsh and dangerous parts of the world our employees are willing to endure to get the job done right? We knew we needed a custom design to thank these field crews in a big way.


We developed a high relief die that showcased what being in the field – being the boots on the ground – requires. We combined this illustration with a personal thank you from the CEO, acknowledging the impact workers have on quality, health and safety records, holding a gold standard even in the most challenging environments.

Tom’s idea of featuring the harsh environments our people endure gave an added meaning to the bestowing of these medallions for QHSE excellence.



What could we create that will have meaning to seismic field crews on different continents with employees of varying cultures and values? How can we let them know that we see them and understand that our collective success is a direct result of their hard work? We determined that the best way to answer this question was to look to the employees themselves.

Design Meaning

We combed through libraries of actual company photo archives (not studio models or stock photos) to better-understand what these field jobs entail so that we could do them justice. A custom die was designed to showcase the skill, vigilance and heart necessary to carry out their duties.


When presented this QHSE tribute and symbol of gratitude, the seismic crew recipients worldwide echoed the emotion and ownership of “that’s us … we did that”! The symbol is a visual nod from the C-suite that the crews aren’t just employees – they’re heroes.