Startup to Fortune 1000: Insperity



Insperity recognized that an increased client portfolio was the direct outcome of personal mastery in sales. And not only that, its leaders wanted to celebrate the deliberate way the sales team positions themselves – each win not as a transaction, but as the beginning of a long client relationship. So, in 2016, Insperity asked for help in designing a pinnacle award.


We knew that properly honoring the professional excellence and contributions of the sales team at this caliber would take something far beyond run-of-the-mill. This was the ultimate sales achievement: the Chairman’s Club Elite. We determined that the design and fabrication must be original, creative and energetic, capturing the ambition necessary in reaching this milestone.


This award would require a design stature that surpassed the existing custom crystals for President’s and Chairman’s Clubs. The optical crystal design is inherently beautiful and prismatic in nature, its reflective qualities encapsulating the Insperity spark. The design of the award is essentially the company name brought to life: inspiring prosperity for each and every customer – and employee.

The artistry of our Elite award crafted by visible applause gives apropos recognition
to business development excellence unequaled by any ready-made award.



We brainstormed what the optimum symbol would be to uphold the spirit of the brand, and how we could visually showcase the impact the sales team has on the company’s success.

Design Meaning

When you looked at their logo above, did you see the spark? Our design path took us to a single U.S. artisan in Minnesota who we trusted to convert an idea into a one-of-a-kind symbol, anchoring the BPA mission of “Inspiring Business Performance®.”


At the peak of his or her business development game, what “championship” icon would measure up in elegance and perceived value? Insperity chose the beauty of crystal and natural granite to symbolize the highest achievements in business development. Put simply, it’s their “Oscar®” in the category of client prosperity.