Leaders: our recognition solutions capture your voice of respect, leaving no doubt that the true owners of success are your employees.

You Are the Voice

As a leader, you’ve inspired a shared vision. And your voice is critical when it comes to recognizing the role that every employee has in that vision. We design authentic ways for executives to grant success ownership to employees across the three dimensions that define your workplace:

Key Results

Honor records set and confirm winning & employee ownership


Display contributions to excellence to foster teamwork & belonging


Celebrate culture and values to elevate work meaning & esprit de corps

Client Success Stories
Visible Applause

In my view:

The truth is, only you can grant employees visible evidence of ownership in your organization’s success. Because off-the-shelf tokens or trinkets have little meaning or staying power, my passion is to design custom-crafted symbols, sculptures, awards and exhibits that no one else has – or can purchase – that tell the story of your success and live up to your heart for your people.
The leader's voice of respect is everything.


A 3-Step Plan

People live and work to make their mark. Let us design visual confirmations of your respect for their efforts and success.