Custom-Crafted Awards and Displays.

Make recognition personal by anchoring what you stand for.






Strengthened CULTURE

Beyond the Ordinary. Beyond the Expected.

In a world where the next task is already waiting, taking a moment to pause and appreciate can make all the difference. Every milestone, every project, and every late night is more than just work—it’s the pulse of your company’s legacy.

The pause is worth it.


You care about more than the bottom line.

Every dedicated leader knows there are team contributions that go beyond expectations. When you can foster this dedication, there are no limits to what your company can achieve. 

Can your ‘thank you’ be as meaningful as the contributions it honors?



The Late Nights

Maybe it’s late nights. Maybe it’s going outside the scope of their job description. Whatever it is, it’s dedication beyond the call of duty.


Attention to Detail

The care and precision that elevates project outcomes. Work that evokes pride and a sense of accomplishment.


The Commitment to Team

Even when it’s hard. Even when there are disagreements. A commitment to come together to reach our goals.


The Reflection of Core Values

It’s more than just a workplace. It’s a place that nurtures deeper meaning and calling.

Your values.
Their skills and heart.
Our craftsmanship.

At Visible Applause, we believe in the transformative power of authentic recognition. Your company isn’t just a business—it’s a community built on the hard work, creativity, and dedication of every employee. 

We understand the challenge you face: finding the balance between a simple ‘thank you’ and a celebration that fosters true appreciation and loyalty. That’s why, for nearly 30 years,  we have elevated the art of acknowledgment with custom-crafted emblems that embody your company’s heart, extending well beyond the conventional reward systems.

It’s time to celebrate contributions in a way that resonates, lasts, and aligns perfectly with your vision and values.


See What’s Possible

Forget the dusty plaques and the fleeting handshakes. We’re here to revolutionize how you honor achievement. We craft recognition that’s felt—deep in the bones of your organization.

Honor Heritage

Pay tribute to your company’s foundation and achievements with awards that celebrate your enduring legacy.

Celebrate core values

Distill your company’s principles into custom awards, ensuring they resonate and reinforce your culture.

Recognize milestones

Highlight every success, big or small, with awards crafted to acknowledge progress.

Value Contributions

Say “thank you” with personalized accolades that appreciate individual efforts and impact.

Thank clients

Strengthen client relationships with unique, memorable tokens of sincere appreciation.

The Path to Anchor What You Stand For:



Together, we delve deep to define the tenets that anchor your heart and your organization.



We forge these principles into a tangible symbol, original artistry, a beacon of your appreciation.



You’ll be confident in your expression. You see them. Your applause is felt.

The Visible Applause Promise

Visible Applause is the expert accomplice to your leadership, assisting in the elevation of morale, the nurturing of company culture, and the cementing of your legacy. 

Heartfelt Engagement

We listen deeply to understand what you hold dear, so every piece of recognition is laced with the depth of your company’s values.

Artisanal Creation

We transform your gratitude into bespoke symbols of excellence—artifacts that are as unique as the achievement they honor.

Proud Presentation

 We ensure that the presentation of these awards is as distinguished as your team, bringing authenticity to the forefront.

Tom Hannigan, Zachry Group

Visible Applause successfully captured the spirit of safety excellence with one-of-a-kind physical symbols that caused individuals to aspire to work safely for years.

Louise Kinnersley, Geokinetics

Tom’s idea of featuring the harsh environments our people endure gave an added meaning to the bestowing of these medallions for QHSE excellence.

Ross Astramecki, Insperity

The artistry of our Elite award crafted by visible applause gives apropos recognition
to business development excellence unequaled by any ready-made award.

Bruce Whitaker, Whitaker Companies

The artistry of the lobby display visibly reinforces the honored recipients and is a daily reminder of Whitaker’s principles to employees, clients and visitors.

Are you ready to celebrate the heart of your company?

Envision a workplace resounding with genuine appreciation, where every award is a narrative of individual dedication and collective triumph. These tokens become lasting symbols, echoing the unwavering values of the company. Through Visible Applause’s crafted emblems, leaders can forever anchor the spirit of excellence within their workforce.

“Recognizing someone’s efforts is more than a pat on the back. It’s etching their value into the legacy of your company.”