Give Meaning to Work

Celebrate Teamwork

Honor Personal Growth

People may not experience success truthfully if:
  • Employee initiative is taken for granted
  • Recognition is little more than catalog purchases
  • Leadership undervalues their voice to inspire
  • Success is displayed solely on your P&L
People go to work to make their mark... to succeed... to win. Respect their success in a way that:
Personal contributions are respected
Teamwork & collaboration are valued
Work serves more than the bottom line
Win the hearts of your workforce
Our 22 years of experience has shown that people will do more than required when given ownership of company success.
ExxonMobil: Global Technology Award for chemical process technology advances, leading to licensing and commercialization.
MemorialHermann Healthcare System: Dan S. Wilford Spirit Award celebrating key enterprise values.
Zachry Corporation: Casting of 1927 “Job 1” with founder’s Philosophy for client thank you’s and key employee appreciation.
Insperity: Coin memento marking the rebranding of Administaff to Insperity
Qualcomm: CDM A LIST – Qualcomm Honors Mobility at Work for best worldwide application of their CDMA chip technology.
UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center: Alumni & Faculty Association with Distinguished alumnus.
Baker Hughes: Display of Core Values and Keys to Success dedicated to the leadership of CEO Michael E. Wiley.
ChevronPhillips Chemical LP: Harmony Award for environmental stewardship in manufacturing.
Zachry Group: Heart of Zachry safety program, since 1999.
BP/Duke Energy/ABB: medallion mementos for project team members on major EPC projects.
Custom Commissions: Suitable for commemorating the anniversary of historic company milestones and lifetime achievement awards.
Houston Rockets: Honor Wall display of tenured employees and a graphic presentation of their corporate values.
It's not complicated to showcase your success
Discovery Meeting
We'll learn what success looks like in your organization and why it means so much to you.
Choose a Design
You'll select the design options that truly capture you heart and shows your workforce why they matter.
Hearts Won
You'll capture the hearts of your workforce when they see how much you care about their success.

Have you ever held a custom-crafted memento honoring your success? Did the inscription reflect leadership’s heartfelt respect?

We designed this medallion to give away … for what it does when you hold it. The artistic image is obvious, but when you receive this, you will be moved by the words that begin, “Leaders who see new horizons also ‘plant flags’…”

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Leadership respect that wins the hearts of your people

At Visible Applause we know you want to lead a mutually respected workforce. In order to do that, you need a recognition program that wins the hearts of your people.

The problem is to win their hearts, you’ve got to show yours. Which makes you worry your people may not believe it’s how you really feel.

We believe people shouldn't wonder if their success matters. And, we understand how hard it is to accurately capture the heart of a leader in a recognition program, which is why we have helped hundreds of leaders win the hearts of their teams for more than 22 years.

Don't let people wonder if their success matters - instead lead a workforce that knows how much their success means you.