Recognition that lives up to your mission

Custom-Crafted Respect for Employee Contributions and Success

Why We Work, Really

People work to make their mark. Authentic applause ( not copycat ) bestowed for personal growth and service, teamwork and culture invites a reciprocal respect that is beyond contractual. For maximum ROI, applaud:

Personal Mastery

Mike, CDL driver: “I truly believe the company’s leaders care about me and my welfare. I also know that my safe driving record contributes to the company’s profitability and ability to expand, and that makes me proud.”

Bigger Than Ourselves

Susan, CAD designer: “When leadership celebrates project success, it reinforces how our contributions are respected and all of us can’t wait to perform again. It’s like being on a winning team.”


Martin, pipeline welder: “If someone were to ask me, I would explain how proud I am to work for a company with our values and policies. I’ve never worked anywhere for more than 2 years, and I’ve been here 8.”

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The Art of Respect
Visible Applause

In my view:

Leaders: it’s a fact, your voice is respected. People quietly crave your applause for their growth and contributions. In fact, they will wait for years before leaving to hear it somewhere else. My passion is to design symbols and exhibits that emerge from our imagination … not catalogs. Our work begins with your success, but lives up to your heart for your people.


p.s. — Authentic respect from the top is never forgotten. Remember?