The Process

Our principal goal: to transfer ownership of success to your people.

Intrinsic motivation is the outcome of people knowing their contributions at work are valued. At Visible Applause our role is simple: placing your achievements on display at work and even at home. Our secret is to apply a similar touch of creativity and purpose as exhibited by your people to achieve your mission.

Do not compromise on the degree of your respect and gratitude with same-as-everyone’s awards and plaques.

To Respect Start Here

At each step of the process – from Discovery to Design and Display – we have a singular focus: displaying ownership at work.

  • 1. Discover

  • 2. Design

  • 3. Display

1. Discover

During discovery, we start by defining your achievements and cultural assets. Our goal for this step is to agree on your essential work activities or behaviors that, when validated from the top, affirm employee contributions. Our Discovery process will guide us through the Design step.

2. Design

Achievement by design? The truth is people care about making their mark. On an even deeper level the care about being important to leadership that they admire. This step creates design concepts to live up to your authentic applause.

3. Display

Celebrate your progress. Honor record-setting success. Mark what you stand for. An engaged – no, even inspired – workforce does not stem from periodic motivation techniques or even boilerplate recognition. True inspiration is the reciprocal response to leadership respect and gratitude. Leaders, when you take a stand for your people with visual evidence of winning, they will follow you on future missions.