Why do we work?

Yes, to make a living, but more importantly, to earn the respect of others for our craft and achievements.

Why Visible Applause?
As their leader, you have the unique station to bestow a stature to work beyond compensation when you give people visual ownership of your success.

Our mission: design tributes to business achievements in a way that touches people’s hearts and minds.

Then watch what happens.

Great workplaces have cultures that seem natural. In reality, they “happen” because there is a collective purpose or destination and everyone, upon arrival, knows how their contributions matter. Naturally, and confirmed by leadership. And we have them, too.

What We Stand For

We flipped the switch. For our entire 22-year existence, we have helped our clients honor success with one-of-a-kind symbols of achievement. Today, we see our cause as partnering with leaders to authentically honor achievements in a way that people know they mean it – and will matter years from now.

Founded On Purpose

Intrinsic motivation is the outcome of people knowing their contributions at work are valued. At Visible Applause our role is simple: placing your achievements on display at work and even at home. Our secret is to apply a similar touch of creativity and purpose as exhibited by your people to achieve your mission.

The Process