COVID-19 Courtside Observations

April 16, 2020

In a sports context, in our battle against this dangerous virus it feels like half-time. In our imaginary locker room, planning for the second half, we recognize that the coaches are principals from government, health organizations and hospitals.  The players are nurses, doctors and first responders.

Across the arena in the visitor’s locker room there is a faceless opponent that wants to win too.

What’s the score? In this contest the important tabulation is not just a scoreboard in the arena, but rather the safety of the fans who are not even in attendance. They’re watching and cheering from home. And while we’re in awe of the coaches and players for their expertise and dedication, the curves are flattening out as an outcome of the behavior, hygiene and personal responsibility of those fans.

The Epoch Times April 2-8

History does repeat itself and we are pleased to be reminded by commentators who see the pattern of personal sacrifice and pitching in, reminiscent of World War II and 9/11.

Again, what about the score? At the moment there is no dominant contestant. With lives at risk, researchers, doctors and nurses are scoring points … at the same time, the virus continues to take its toll.

In this match-up on the court of global well-being, it’s the entire human spirit versus COVID-19 and the game is being played every day. We know the second half will not end in a tie.  Ultimately the pandemic will be subdued and the final victor will be the medical remedy … or multiple remedies.  

When the game finishes, the box store will allocate points to various institutions and medical professionals, but down at the bottom of that list of points scored, etc., pause to notice that the ATTENDANCE at this “game” is the quarantined worldwide population of  7.8 billion fans?

Fans? That’s us… in solidarity against a common foe. When tested, the human spirit of winning always rises up.