Peerless: Defy Convention, Lead from the Heart, Watch What Happens

Written by: Tom Ferguson

I hold leaders who balance strategy and humanity well in high regard. My book project, undertaken several years ago, let’s me share the stories of 10 such CEOs. Each leader chapter also includes a companion story about individuals whose lives and careers were influenced by the leader’s values and principles.

Heart-centered leaders model the expression “whatever you want from someone, give it first”. People choose to follow don’t they? The stories in this book confirmed for me the link between a leader’s beliefs and passions … their heart … and long term sustained organizational performance.

The industries represented here run the gamut, from banking to window décor, from healthcare to hospitality, and yet what we see as the common thread to great workplaces are leaders as stewards of people who are inspired to work for a cause beyond themselves.

Please download this Peerless book chapter to understand the power of leadership that stands for something.  What are we saying in our subtitle Defy Convention, Lead from the Heart, Watch What Happens … ?  In our chapter on John Montgomery, founder of Bridgeway Capital Management, there is one clue on page 103, spoken by Dick Cancelmo: “We attract people here with greater aspirations than a paycheck”. 

Download sample chapter

If you’re a leader, or if you are aspiring to be one, Peerless: Lead from the Heart. Defy Convention. Watch What Happens will serve you well.