When the founder of SATCTF, Michael D. Burke, requested a fitting symbol for bestowing essentially an annual lifetime achievement award for water resource sustainability and conservation we understood that such an attribute deserved a fitting artistry. Such a request, in almost all cases for us, inspires a collaboration with the client. When that occurs, inspired designs are the result. Mike’s trust, based only upon this initial artist sketch, permitted us to produce this one-of-a-kind sculpture we call Water for Life. According to Mike the inaugural recipient was moved to tears.

“This design surpassed our expectations in two respects … one, the artistry captured the spirit of sustaining and preserving this precious resource for our planet, and second, the theme offered by Tom, ‘Water for Life’ , gave the piece a significance that has stirred tears in our recipients’ eyes.”

– Michael D. Burke, Founder /
Chair San Antonio Clean Technology Forum


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