When corporate leaders want to express their gratitude and appreciation to their workers, Visible Applause can bring that vision to life in a way that no cookie-cutter award or digital press can do. Visible Applause uncovers what is at the heart of the intended message in order to create a unique piece that reinforces the company’s core values. Products created by Visible Applause utilize an array of quality materials  – bronze, silver, wood, crystal, stone, granite and marble, individually designed by our artists and craftsmen.

Safety Awards

For manufacturing, service and other industries, workplace safety is a paramount concern. It is the job of corporate leadership to encourage workers to maintain standards that reduce or eliminate injuries. Safety awards show that corporate leadership places top value on the health and well-being of the workers.

Service Awards

Employees need to be recognized and appreciated for the time they have invested in your company.

Recognitions for Milestones and Achievements

Surpassing sales goals, innovating ideas for the company and excellent customer service are just a few of the reasons that corporate leaders bestow recognition on key employees. 

Repeat Performance / Collect the Set

An exciting way to build employee performance, and add incentive and depth to an award. This customized series of awards is given over an extended time period (3-years, 5 years or longer), to continually recognize milestones such as work anniversaries, safety records, sales performance, etc.

Honor Wall / Hall of Fame

Recognizing the people who have contributed to an organization’s success, or showcasing key members and their stories is an engaging way to draw visitors into the story of the organization. This concept can be combined with a visual representation or display of a company timeline and significant milestones. Visual Applause can create unique, one-of-a-kind displays that are worthy of gallery-style exhibition in a corporate headquarter office.

Corporate Art Installation

Many corporate lobbies and common areas are decorated with sculptures and art objects selected by interior designers. While we understand the aesthetics of professionally curated art pieces, Visible Applause can work with you to develop an art piece that is not only complementary to the decor and aesthetically pleasing, but that also incorporates the core messages, themes, and values of your company.

Tribute Program Creation

If a company does not currently have an employee recognition program in place, Visible Applause can work with management to create not just the award, but also the systems, timelines, and criteria that will make a tribute, award or incentive memorable and valuable. With more than twenty years of experience studying the best practices of corporate leadership and engagement, we can help you engage your workers by creating a recognition program the inspires loyalty.

Our clients value how we complement their programs with artistic originality and meaning. Each project makes employee excellence and achievements visible for posterity.