OUR excellence@work™ PROCESS

Step 1 – Listen to understand.

We meet to hear your intention, your values and desired expression impact.

Our simple assessment process helps us understand your priorities and how you want to express your values. This first step is a “What Do You Stand For?” discussion. We start by asking you what matters most:

  • What has been achieved … or, what achievements are paramount?
  • What results/behaviors are the highest priority?
  • What are your relevant corporate causes … values … beliefs?
  • Who are the intended recipients?
  • What are your desired results and valued outcomes?

Step 2 – Design to honor.

As recognition architects®, we work to DESIGN and develop tribute expressions that are affirmations of your respect and appreciation.

Our expressions stand apart by uniquely combining a customized message and artistry built upon what matters to you. Your priority values and/or convictions, is our foundation to design expressions that have meaning to all recipients. Memorable one-of-a-kind expressions that inspire have the following considerations:

  • A one-time or progressive/perpetual tribute?
  • Single or multi-tiered levels?
  • Desired theme or copyrighted importance?
  • Gender specific or neutral?
  • Desired ROI on your budget?
  • Criteria for eligibility?
  • Qualification levels, standards, criteria?

Step 3 – Express to inspire.

A formalized plan to ensure the tribute communication and presentation is a reflection of the achievement honored.

The outcome of our DESIGN step is a formalized plan to appropriately honor your achievements. We recommend options to ensure the success of the launch and implementation of your program design.  A few considerations are:

  • Announcement and communication of program purpose from leadership.
  • Inclusion of executive participation.
  • Event planning.
  • Post-event communication / publicity.