I am grateful to be able to help my clients affirm employee excellence. As their leader, your personal attention and recognition of their work is transformative. When you present our one-of-a-kind symbols and displays, people will know you value their loyalty, initiative, creativity and their stick-to-it-iveness between launch and completion. Beyond that, our artistic originality can touch hearts with elevated meaning that off-the-shelf purchases will never attain.

You can achieve performance beyond just “engagement” by confirming team and individual contributions to your values, milestones and results. That is the key to meaningful work.

Honor your champions. They will reciprocate and take the weight off your shoulders.


Peerless, Tom Ferguson

Peerless: Defy Convention, Lead from the Heart, Watch What Happens

Written by: Tom Ferguson

People choose to follow leaders who care. My book shares stories of ten CEOs who have succeeded while intentionally balancing strategy and humanity. Each story chapter offers us insights into their humanity … their cause or purpose … in their own words. In addition, each chapter reveals at least one side-story of an employee under their care whose life and career was influenced by the leader’s beliefs and principles.

Their stories confirmed, for me, the link between a leader’s attention to culture and people first, and long term sustained organizational performance.

Leaders like these make work matter more than pay and benefits.

For organizations that aspire to improved performance, we design recognition programs for executives that visually anchor employee excellence in a way that deepens culture and gives work intrinsic value and meaning.