Dreams come true.

A little over twenty years ago in my first career as an engineer and executive in the energy industry, I witnessed people who were innovative and loyal … yet, in that “they-get-a-paycheck-don’t-they” technical culture, there was rarely praise from leadership.

Today, it is my privilege to help leaders put people and their work on display and applaud them by making their work visible.

However, with just one caveat.

People crave attention from the top, but not for improving your bottom line. Instead, they get-up-early-and-stay-late to support a cause and contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Share that cause with us. We will make the invisible, visible.
Then your dreams will come true. Like ours.


PS – Where are the leaders who get this? They are profiled in my book, Peerless: Defy convention, Lead from the Heart, Watch What Happens. ›

For organizations that aspire to improved performance, we design recognition programs for executives that visually anchor employee excellence in a way that deepens culture and gives work intrinsic value and meaning.