Effective Recognition: “Arts” Lessons

I would like to explore an idea that promises increased visibility to employee achievements in business. My reference point for effective recognition are the public tributes to accomplishments in the arts … The Academy Awards, Grammys, Tony’s, CMA’s, for example. All are tributes to various forms of entertainment.

Effective Recognition

If you agree that, in business, employees perform for “fame and fortune” … how we complement the “fortune”, i.e., paychecks ( OK, a little tongue-in-cheek here ), sometimes is with expressions designed to bring honor to work. The leadership/business case for well-intentioned expressions that honor work is that employee engagement is the outcome of intrinsic motivation.

In other words, when work has meaning … or when work serves a noble cause or purpose, the motive to contribute is elevated. Maybe, come to think of it, business has that advantage over entertainment and you should take advantage of that.

“Arts” Lessons Here

We can extrapolate three practices from the honoring of entertainment achievements and apply to honoring employee-produced business results.

  • The entertainment programs have time-enriched unique themes or names. Effective RecognitionThe Tony awards are named after Antoinette Perry (1888-1946), an actress, stage director and philanthropist who was a founder of the American Theatre Wing. Apply that to business. One of our clients, Zachry Industrial, Inc. gives a meaningful copyrighted theme to their safety recognition program, The Heart of Zachry.
  •  The awards/mementos are highly crafted and eloquently symbolic. For business consider the artistry of your tributes. Here is our medallion designed for Geokinetics Geokineticsthat is representative in artistic meaning to the Tony medallion.
  • Celebrity performers display their “loot” at home. For business, consider your award designs that allow self-contained displays or displays for multiple periods of performance. Here is an example a “success gallery” featuring coins or medallions that commemorate six successful project completions … or missions ( think NASA mission patches ) … or successive periods ( quarters, years ) of performance. DISPLAY PROJECT 5760 (WITH COIN) - CopyHint: provide the carrier with the initial success. You bestow honor by setting the expectations.

At Visible Applause our passion is just that … creating mementos and displays with artistic originality and expressions that are equal in stature to the success and achievements honored.

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