Teamwork: With Home Court Advantage

One of my artisan suppliers, Wendell August Forge made this 2-sided full color sublimated Luminosity “ticket” for the Cleveland Cavaliers organization to thank season ticket holders. More than a memento, the back of the ticket is a call to action for teamwork. It reads, in part,
“While the road ahead may prove difficult and
will not be without hardship, we are more
ready than ever.
You are a critical component to a
championship run. Every single game that
you “bring it” at the Q motivates us all:
our players, our coaches, game ops team,
game-day crew and everyone in between.
Your support is the catalyst to our success.
We thank you for your unending support and
passion for our franchise and the
entire city of Cleveland.
We are all in for Cleveland.
We are all in for Ohio. We are all in for YOU.”

The ticket goes beyond an expression of thanks. The message actually involves fans in the organization’s vision – a championship. For the Cavs … so far, so good … they are in the NBA finals  against the Golden State Warriors.
If we consider how this leadership expression may be applicable to a business, then one obvious parallel is the “call to arms” to employees. Wait … timeout.  How can fans, who pay the organization, be paralleled with employees who their organization pays?  Hmmm … maybe I have painted myself into a corner. I need a three-point shot! Here’s my escape: it’s not about the money … it’s deeper than that! Rather, it’s about being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Like winning, with good sportsmanship, a championship.  As in business, there has to be a genuine passion ( love ) for the people ( employees or fans ).  Fans pay to be with the team, but if the organization loves them first … with a public display … they are now “ON” the team.  There is even a “contract” between the Cavs ownership and the fans, called “Laws of the Land”.  Check it out … “nothing but net”!
Expressions like that from business leaders gives you “home court” advantage every day.

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