Zeit Company: “We Can, We Will, We Care”

1028150842aThe Zeit Company began more than 30 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah as a manufacturer and wholesaler of household furniture and acrylic clocks. For the founders, the timepieces clearly represented an important aspect of the company’s entrepreneurial spark – Zeit is the German word for time. Zeit was also founded on the simple principle of “we can, we will, we care”.
Today those words remain a cornerstone of their love of design and craftsmanship. In the early days of their existence they began to evolve to the company they are today when they realized that the scrap acrylic materials from the clocks and furniture could be fashioned into clear acrylic awards. 400- sherwinDuring the following years the company’s focus shifted from tables, chairs and timepieces to stock acrylic awards for the promotional products industry. Thus, the Stillwater Awards brand was born. This was the first incarnation of an award made purely of acrylic components. It quickly gained a strong foothold in the industry as a cost-effective, yet high-quality alternative to traditional awards. Customers loved the unique combination of artistry, precision manufacturing and timely production schedules.
As any owner, founder or business executive will confirm, the evolution of a business from one industry ( furniture ) to another ( awards ) has to rely on a passion for design and artistry and a receptive marketplace. And that’s the case for Zeit
In a little over three decades, the Zeit Company has advanced the artistry of this modern contemporary material. icare_freeHere is an example of their work for my customer Chevron Phillips Chemical. Their designers and manufacturing artisans translated the customer’s intention to create a fitting memento to honor volunteers for their work and initiatives around Chevron’s iCare diversity goals.

To this day, they continue to revolutionize the awards industry with high tech, innovative design and 1028150846dmanufacturing processes which are used to create the Logocut line of awards. Their Logocut line turns the awards paradigm on its head with their advanced matching technology. Instead of starting with a blank piece of acrylic and simply printing a logo on it, each award is designed and built from the ground up. Each design is based on a logo or graphic design provided by the client. 1028150852The Zeit art department then composes 2-3 photo-like design virtuals, usually within a 102815085248 hours window. Once the design has been approved, state-of-the-art lasers cut each piece with unparalleled precision to create a one-of-a-kind award unlike anything currently offered in the awards and recognition industry.

At Visible Applause, our success depends on artisans like Zeit … they help us make the translation from our customer’s intention to pay tribute into a memento that communicates “well done”.

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