Yogi, Pope Francis and VW

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For some reason the confluence of three major news events this week sparked in me an awkward creative challenge to find a common thread or theme.  For each header component, here’s my take-away.

Yogi: his “box score”: 18 seasons, three MVPs, 10 World Series victories as a New York Yankee. Less evidence was that, off the field, he had a heart for helping others less fortunate; one of the troubled youngsters he helped is today CEO of a BigBrothersBigSisters chapter in Yogi’s home state of New Jersey.  Here in Houston, local hometown baseball legend Craig Biggio was a grateful Yogi pupil in Craig’s move from second base to catcher.

Pope Francis: much of his theme this week in Cuba, Washington, DC and New York was devoted to a more humane world. His passion for the health of our planet and concerns for economic systems that rewarded the rich and impoverished the poor working classes – was expressed as a collective human problem.

VW: they produce more vehicles than any other car manufacturer worldwide … a testament to German engineering excellence and marketing. The news this week of software gimmicks to skirt emissions standards resulted in their CEO resigning and others potentially suspended.

Unfolding these three events of this past week here have not revealed my prediction of a clear common thread.  My curiosity teased that surely there was a leadership connection between these disparate stories? Baseball, religion and business?  What about bottom lines?  Baseball is W-L, religion is about faith and moral codes and business is revenue and profit from leaders and workers collaborating.  Perhaps one given is that we humans need heroes and leaders … and I think we are inspired by all whose leadership integrity is for the planet’s greater good.  So, I’ll leave it at that, leadership passion and integrity … Yogi for his passion for his craft and helping others … the Pope’s call for planet and human stewardship … and VW, well must you say a temporary [ much like a strikeout bases-loaded or an awkward overdue transgression pardon ] oversight that will be corrected and forgiven by legions of workers and customers.

In the end what’s good in all of us serves as the planet’s TRUE North.  And all God’s people, said “Amen”.        

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