Millennials Different? Fiddle-Faddle!

The speed of global change is here… but human desires are not change for centuries.  My “bottom A well-written overview [ ] of the workplace impact of the millennial generation, stated “we are all becoming millennial’s”. The blog contrasted two schools of thought: those that cite anxiety of attracting and retaining vs. the flipside of “nothing new under the sun”. Here’s a summary where both are missing the real story… the new is not human desires.  So, here’s my take on the “new” in italics:

  1. Millennials are digitally connected 24/7… we all are
  2. Millennials don’t stay for the gold watchhonestly, no one stayed for the watch!
  3. Millennials desire continuous positive feedback…  who doesn’t?
  4. Millennials demand flexibility and choicepeople have always desired personal growth
  5. Millennials one meaning, and to give back… never has been exclusive to a specific age
  6. Millennials expect to be developed and groomed… stagnation is always been spurned
  7. Millennials need social approval and crowd source everything… like belonging is new?


Q: The real new bottom line?

A: Technology


Why? The answer: transparency. In a word, transparency via technology offers choice and that equals freedom. We’re all more free, aren’t we?  The world may be moving at warp speed, but human desires that all generations have sought ( craved ) are belonging, contribution and growth.  Here’s where you place the seven characteristics of Millennial’s desires and where they fall into innate human desires that have existed for generations… it’s just that the technology was not there to allow employees to be open and “vocal”. 


Innate Desire: belonging Innate Desire: contribution Innate Desire: growth
Connected ( 1 )
Watch ( 2 )
Feedback (3)
Meaning ( 5 )
Social approval ( 7 )

Connected ( 1 )
Watch ( 2 )
Feedback (3)
Social Approval ( 7 )

Watch ( 2 )
Feedback (3)
Choice ( 4 )
Groomed ( 6 )


My Dad worked for the same company for 34 years, but would that have been the case if he had access to the work world made transparent by LinkedIn?  So, the “new” is the freedom and transparency provided by the internet and technology that facilitates communication and transparency.

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